Students go top of the class

The Buckingham School A Level results.Successful students,from the left,Jonathan Ayris,Lauren Wilson and Lewis Garner.'110818M-B481
The Buckingham School A Level results.Successful students,from the left,Jonathan Ayris,Lauren Wilson and Lewis Garner.'110818M-B481

ENVELOPES were ripped open and in most cases whoops of delight were heard across the Advertiser and Review region yesterday, Thursday, as students received their A-level results.

Buckingham School celebrated some excellent results.

Headteacher Angela Wells said she was very pleased, adding: “The hard work of staff and students has once again really paid off, and the results show an improvement on last year.

“We’ve got more A* and A grades at AS and A2 this year, and we’ve seen a real rise in standards at A* and A2 in English and maths.”

Lewis Garner, from Badgers in Buckingham, is celebrating two A* grades and an A in psychology, business and PE. He will go on to study sports management at Loughborough University.

Lewis said: “I thought that I’d scrape through with my results, but I didn’t expect to get the A* grades. That was an added bonus.”

Jonathan Ayris,also from Badgers, got two A grades and a B in business, psychology and PE. He will study business management at the University of Buckingham.

And near neighbour Lauren Wilson got an A*, an A and a B in business, maths and psychology. She will study accountancy and finance at Keele University before pursuing a career as a chartered accountant.

Lauren said: “I cried the second I found out, I was so happy. I got an A in maths but only expected a B. I got higher in all my grades than I expected.”

Students at Buckingham’s Royal Latin School celebrated as they received their A-level results yesterday morning, with many gaining places at top universities.

Overall, 15 per cent of students achieved A* grades and 73 per cent gained A* to B grades.

Students Lucy Chi and Alan Miscampbell were each awarded four A* grades, while Alex Bennett, Mark Best, Holly Digne-Malcolm, Tess Marshall-Andon, Georgina Palmiero, Ryan Panchal, Charlotte Seabrook, Amelia Tenquist-Clarke and Roshni Thanki all gained three or more A* grades.

A further 40 students achieved at least three A* or A grades.

Headteacher David Hudson said: “We are delighted to see so many happy students whose hard work has paid dividends this year.

“Several universities now require straight A grades and I am very pleased to see that our students have done so well.

“Many will take up highly prized places at Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group universities and I know they are grateful to the excellent teaching they have received in preparation for the next step in their education.”

At Akeley Wood Senior School, 12 per cent of all grades achieved this year were A*, and 59 per cent ranged from A* to B.

This represents an improvement of eight per cent on last year’s results.

Magdalen College School in Brackley is celebrating its best ever set of results after 99 per cent of students were awarded A-levels between A* and E grades, one per cent up on last year. The percentage of A* to B grades was up three points at 47 per cent.

Ellie Gee received two A* and one A in French, history and English and will be attending Leeds University next year studying law. She said: “I’m pretty speechless really. I wasn’t expecting it at all. But we all worked really hard, especially the teachers.”

Hannah Berlouis received one A* and two As in PE, psychology and biology, and is going to study physiotherapy at Brighton University. She said: “It’s amazing, I’m so pleased. It was hard work but focussing on the results it was all worthwhile.”

Samson Hawkins received an A in communications and literature, and Bs in performing arts and drama and theatre studies. He has been accepted to East 15 Acting School in London.

He said: “It’s a mixture of confusion and delight. The results have been on the news for while and everything seems to build up to a crescendo. It’s nice to not have to think about exams and start thinking about the future.”

Results at Sponne School in Towcester have also continued to rise with 76 per cent of students receiving A* to C grades.

Of those Ross Beaumont received four A* grades, and Samantha Butcher received two A* and one A grade.

Head teacher Jamie Clarke said: “We are delighted with these excellent results and I am proud of all our students who have so well. It is reassuring that the grades reflect the hard work that students put in, especially with still the new A star grade which was only introduced last year.

The Advertiser also spoke to Sponne students half way through their sixth form studies, who were receiving results for their AS-level exams.

Thomas Aldred received four As in economics, physics and maths and said he was happy to receive his predicted results while Ellie Charsley received three As in economics, history, maths and a B in physics. She said: “It’s a relief, it means I should be able to go to university next year. But no way is it getting easier. Everyone here has worked their backside off and some people have not got what they deserved.”

The last set of results from Kingsbrook School in Deanshanger before the school changes to the Elizabeth Woodville School in September also broke records.

Head teacher Pamela Hutchison said: “We are very pleased with our students. They have worked hard, particularly in the last year to produce the best ever results for Kingsbrook. Particularly notable were A* grades in subjects such as chemistry, business and art. The majority of our students are off to their first choice of university and we are particularly pleased about that because these were, in many cases, aspirational courses. for instance English at Cambridge University.“

Students arriving at Bicester Community College collected a strong set of results this year.

Of this year’s A-level results, 98 per cent were pass grades, with 11 per cent at A* grade, 50 per cent at A* to B, and 77 per cent at A* to C.

Principal Jason Clarke said: “This year’s results reflect the hard work of our students and the commitment of staff to ensuring that all students realise their potential. The significant increase in the numbers of our students attaining the higher grades reflect the rigorous approach of our recently appointed head of sixth form and our highly-skilled and committed team of sixth form teaching staff.”

One of this year’s star performers was Andrew Whitehouse, who got three A* and two A grades in biology, chemistry, mathematics, further mathematics and physics. Katie Brown got one A* and three A grades in English literature, fine art, law and mathematics; and Fiona Rust achieved two A* grades, and A and a B in chemistry, mathematics, further mathematics and physics.

Andrew Whitehouse, from Langford Village in Bicester, will go on to study chemistry at Durham University. He said: “I didn’t know how I’d done, and I was trembling when I opened the results. I’ve spoken to my mum and she was happy about it.”

Fiona Rust, from Longfields in Bicester, will study physics at the University of Bath.

She said: “It was a surprise and it was more than I expected.

“My dad said he was happy and he knew I would do well.”

Arran Jordan, who will study chemical engineering at Bath after getting two A* grades and one A, said: “I couldn’t believe it, it came as a complete shock.

“Obviously I’m extremely happy.”

Kari Eilertsen, who got an A and two B grades, will go on to study events management at Plymouth University, while Bethany Naylor, who got one A*, an A and a B, will study art and design at St Martin’s following a foundation year.