Teddies have safe landing during annual leap of faith

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HUNDREDS of teddy bears risked their lives to raise £130 for a pre-school in Syresham last month.

Every June teddies from the village are pressed in to the heroic service for Syresham Pre School. Children and some adults made parachutes for their favourite teddies, some displayed an advanced degree of technical engineering, while others arrived at St James Church tided to a simple plastic bag.

In prepartion for the jump each teddy was carefully placed in a basket and hauled up the 30 foot stone face of the church spire. Climbers with harnesses and carabinas took them out one by one before opening out their shoots and letting them fly.

Lisa Dimbleby from the pre school said every chute did its job of safely floating their teddies back to earth and added: “And wow did some of them fly as they caught the wind, after two hours and lots of fun the pre school had made £130.

“Thank you to all of you who joined us and to Evan Sons builders for the loan of their very long ladders.”