Elected mayor option rejected by councillors

A LONDON-STYLE elected mayor in charge of Aylesbury Vale District Council has been rejected as an option for the future running of the district council.

Members rejected a proposal to have a Boris Johnson-style mayor at a special council meeting on December 15 but voted in favour of the leader and cabinet model with a stronger role for the leader.

The vote was due to a requirement of the previous Labour government. Changes will be made to the council’s decision making arrangements after the district council elections in May next year.

Councils have been given the option of either choosing the leader and cabinet model or to have an elected mayor and cabinet system. An elected mayor is not a councillor but is directly elected by the public.

At the moment AVDC councillors vote for a council leader, deputy leader and members of the cabinet at the annual council meeting.

The main features of the ‘new style’ leader and cabinet model are the leader being an elected councillor, appointed as leader by the council for four years, the leader choosing which councillors serve in the cabinet and the council retaining powers to remove the leader from office during his/her term of office

New legislation is likely to be passed next year giving councils a wider range of political management arrangements to choose from including a return to the old committee system; an elected mayor and cabinet; a leader and cabinet; or a combination of these models. Consultation will be undertaken with the public and interested parties before a further change in governance for the council is adopted.

Consultation took place between October and November this year.