Emergency services ‘being held up by potholes’ in roads

South Newington potholes. NNL-180424-172745009
South Newington potholes. NNL-180424-172745009

Countryside campaigners have warned potholes may be delaying emergency service vehicles and putting lives at risk.

The Rural Services Network (RSN), which stands up for those living in country areas, says deteriorating roads will ‘make access for the emergency services harder and response times longer, potentially putting rural lives at risk’. Figures show the amount of time it takes for fire services to respond to incidents in rural areas has increased by 31 seconds and is two minutes and 54 seconds longer than for urban areas.

Oxfordshire highways teams had 2,137 potholes reported in the week to Monday.

It said it had filled 4,893 in the past month.

South Central Ambulance Service declined to comment.