End of the road in sight for safety campaign

Rosemary Stuchbury at the entrance to the Badgers estate
Rosemary Stuchbury at the entrance to the Badgers estate

Residents on an estate are finally set to see safety measures installed at a dark junction on a busy main road, after nearly three years of campaigning.

The entrance to the Badgers estate from the A421 Buckingham bypass has been unlit since 2008, when the street lights on the bypass were switched off by Bucks County Council (BCC) as part of an energy saving trial.

Buckingham town councillor Jon Harvey said at least a dozen Badgers residents told him of their concerns about the junction, on a recent door-knocking exercise.

In 2012, Tingewick resident Rosemary Stuchbury Began lobbying to get lighting put back in at the junction.

“There will be an accident there,” she said.

Over a year ago, in January 2014, Mrs Stuchbury had a letter from the then cabinet member for transportation, Janet Blake, to say there were no plans for lighting the junction. However, reflective bollards would be installed, she said.

When nothing had materialised by July 2014, Mrs Stuchbury contacted BCC again.

The new cabinet member for transportation, Ruth Vigor-Hedderly replied that the street lights on the A421 were due for permanent removal in September, and six reflective bollards would be installed in the verges around the junction at the same time.

But while the street lights were duly removed, no bollards appeared in their place.

After further letters and phone calls from Mrs Stuchbury, BCC finally confirmed this week that the reflective bollards are scheduled to be installed by the end of February.