Enjoy the unusual sound of nine saxophones


Saxophone nonet Equinox performs its first concert in Buckingham, at the Radcliffe Centre on Saturday.

The group of nine professional and semi-professional musicians play a range of different instruments.

Tingewick resident Lindsey Smith, who plays alto and tenor sax, said: “Within the group, we’ve got everything from sopranino to bass. It’s a lot of fun playing in that sort of ensemble. It’s an interesting sound with that many saxophones playing together.”

The group’s leader, Alistair Parnell, also plays an electronic wind instrument, or EWI.

“It just adds to the colour and texture of the music,” said Mrs Smith, who also does some of the group’s musical arrangements.

She said: “You can’t really buy off-the-shelf music for that sort of line-up so we do a lot of our own arranging. I find that very rewarding.

The programme offers something for everyone, from transcriptions of classical favourites, through the jazz heritage of the saxophone, to modern classics and original, contemporary works .

A special guest performer on Saturday night is Michael Duke from Sydney Conservatorium of Music, in Australia.

The concert is at 7.30pm. Tickets £10 from the Old Gaol or call 01280 848770.