Entrepreneur, 17, finds autobiography writer

Young entrepreneur Ollie Forsyth
Young entrepreneur Ollie Forsyth

A high flying 17-year-old entrepreneur has found an author to write his autobiography and share his story.

Ollie Forsyth from Pury End in Towcester began his search last month and has now enlisted Rick Siderfin to help write his life story.

At just six years old, Ollie would charge his parents 20p for cups of tea and doubled the price if it needed reheating.

Ollie left school at the age of 16 following a turbulent time in which he suffered from bullying.

Speaking to the Advertiser last month, he said: “I was badly bullied at school and told I would never succeed in life.

“But I was determined to prove those bullies wrong.

“I am determined to get to the top and one day one of those bullies will come along and ask me for a job.

“Well, they will not be getting one, they shouldn’t have bullied me.

“They can be my cleaner instead.”

He now studies at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, founded by the former Dragons Den panellist and is aiming to make £100,000 from his self-help magazine and online fashion shop this year.

Asked why he chose Mr Siderfin to be the author of his book, Ollie said: “I advertised in the national newspapers and the e-mails were streaming in and I received this one from an entrepreneur who runs a similar magazine to mine.

“He wanted me to get in contact and I had the idea of getting companies to collaborate with me, with a certain fee involved.

“We met, we got talking and we collaborated.”

“I am very excited about the book being written because I have been wanting to do this for a while.

“The book is going to be called along the lines of My Light Bulb Moments.

“We have some incredible entrepreneurs who are also being featured in the book, along with a potential billionaire fashion designer from America.”

The book comes out on June 1.

Ollie is also launching his own business directory on May 1 to complement his own self-help magazine he has launched.

The magazine entitled ‘The Budding Entrepreneur’ offers hints and tips to youngsters on how to follow in his footsteps.

Anyone with a business idea can get in touch with Ollie via e-mail at info@tbemagazine.com.

He also has an online shop which makes him £13,000 a year selling belts, cufflinks, wallets and necklaces for teenagers.