Beat £1b litter blight

Supplied publicity shot for CLUB's new Litter Box campaign.
Supplied publicity shot for CLUB's new Litter Box campaign.

THE Clean Up Britain (CLUB) campaign is asking taxpayers to give their suggestions for beating the UK’s £1billion litter blight.

The new Litter Box campaign aims to find fresh ways to tackle littering, which has increased by an estimated 500 per cent since the 1960s.

Taxpayers in the Bicester and Banbury area alone pay an estimated £70,000 each year to clean up litter.

Even cleaning chewing gum off the streets costs about 10p per piece, and Aylesbury Vale District Council spent £11,000 in a single year clearing gum from Aylesbury town centre.

CLUB patron Jeremy Paxman said: “This is one of the very few social problems in this country in which the answer lies – literally – in our own hands.

“It’s not even as if we’re deciding to do something proactive, just restraining ourselves a bit.

He added: “None of us knows what will happen after we die, but we can be certain of one thing: our children will still be living amid the trash we dropped.”

Members of the public can submit their suggestions by post or email.

Clean Up Britain says it wants to hear from people who have to cope with the problem of litter on a daily basis. It says its aim of the campaign is to learn more about the state of Britain’s streets and parks, and work on ways to make the country a tidier place to live.

CLUB estimates it now costs £1 billion a year to clean up Britain, which it says local councils can ill-afford when they are being forced to make millions of pounds in cuts involving schools, care homes, libraries, sports facilities and road repairs.

CLUB founder John Read, said “We’ll value all ideas sent to us, and incorporate the best of them in our national campaign.

“Then CLUB can, working with others, begin to tackle the issue of litter head on.”

Suggestions can be posted to CLUB Litter Box, The Clean Up Britain campaign, 87a High Street, The Old Town, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP1 3AH; or emailed to