Boxes keep bats snug over winter

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Conservationists have joined with council officers to give bats a snug home near Bicester this winter.

The Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) has joined forces with Cherwell District Council to install 30 bat boxes near Kirtlington Quarry.

Thirty bat boxes have been put up in Washford Pit Wood next to the quarry.

The boxes are used locally by Pipistrelle, Brown Long Eared, Noctule, Leisler, Natterer and Bechstein bats.

Daubenton bats can also be found nearby, and it is hoped they will be tempted to use the cosy new boxes.

BBOWT will keep an eye on the boxes with help from members of Kirtlington Wildlife and Conservation Society.

Volunteers say there is plenty of evidence the bats are taking up residence already.