Call to add your voice to incinerator opposition

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A PROTEST group is urging people to add their voices to opposition to the proposed new incinerator near Calvert.

SAVI (Stop Aylesbury Vale Incineration) director Maggi Campbell-Keith said: “We are in urgent need of more voices of opposition if we are to stand a chance of our position being taken seriously.

“The cut-off for comments on the application is April 8.

“Please get everyone in your household to write individually as that will count for more when the objections are registered.”

SAVI objects to alleged secrecy surrounding the planning application, saying it does not reveal the volume of waste to be handled.

It says Aylesbury Vale only produces half the waste the incinerator can handle, meaning the Vale could become a ‘dumping ground’ for waste from the whole of Bucks and other counties.

SAVI is also concerned about health risks, including from airborne pollution over a wide geographical area.

It says: “Given the prevailing southwesterly wind, this would encompass Buckingham, the Claydons, Winslow, the Horwoods and Northampton/Milton Keynes.”

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