Clean water is a gift from global family

MCBW - 01-07-11 - Nyali family in Mithulini
MCBW - 01-07-11 - Nyali family in Mithulini

THE FAMILY of an African man who married a woman from Brackley are raising funds to provide his Kenyan village with clean water.

Mark Nayali meet his wife Samanatha Gee while working in the UK. In 2006 Samantha, her mother Marion and sister Charlotte joined Mr Nyali on a visit to his home village of Mithulini.

Mrs Nyali said: “My family from Brackley visited my husband’s family in Kenya and were shocked to see how deprived the villagers were from everyday amenities which we take for granted in the UK.

“We then took it upon ourselves to make it our mission to provide clean drinking water within the community and support the development of the village.”

Marion Gee said: “It was very picturesque but very much a tribal village with mud brick huts where the community look after one another. It’s two hours outside of Nairobi, along a very bumpy road. We didn’t wonder off too far but you could see wildlife on the plains all around.

“It was more their winter, but still very hot for us. The locals were going around in jumpers and looked at us very strangely in T-shirts. They are very friendly, welcoming people considering what they have.

“But when we got there we saw they did not have any of the things we take for granted. They have to walk miles down to a dry river bed each day to get a chance of any water.

“So we decided we would raise enough funds to put in a bore hole and sanitise the water supply to the village.

“It was just a family trip but when we got back we thought we had to do something.”

The Rotary Club of Brackley have also put their weight behind the project. They hope to raise £9,000 and the apply for match funding from the Rotary Foundation.

Brackley Rotarian Irene Childerly said it can be difficult to relate to international fund raising appeals an they chose to support the project because it had a direct link to Brackley.

Mrs Childerly will be hosting a lifestyle seminar a Brackley Fire Station on Saturday, July 3 between 10am and 3pm. The seminar is an introduction to Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), a guide to personal achievement.

The seminar usually costs £45 but admission will be free with a donation to the Mithulini project.

On Saturday, July 16 there will be a fund raising day at Brackley Rugby Club which will include a bouncy castle and face painting.