Council’s pledge to prosecute flytippers

Geoffry Purefoy with tyres fly-tipped on his land at Shalstone.'121125M-D180
Geoffry Purefoy with tyres fly-tipped on his land at Shalstone.'121125M-D180

An estate owner in Shalstone has been left counting the cost of flytipping once again after around 50 tyres were dumped on his land.

In August Geoffrey Purefoy urged householders to dispose of waste in a responsible way after a Vale of Aylesbury resident was fined for paying a van man to dispose of waste which was subsequently dumped on Mr Purefoy’s land.

Last week Mr Purefoy contacted the Advertiser and Review after finding more tyres, which he said was the sixth or seventh flytipping attack in recent years. He said in the past green waste has been easy to dispose of on a fire, but with the tyres he will end up carrying the cost to ensure they a disposed of correctly.

He said: “Part of me says how can anyone do this? But I can see why, it is expensive to get rid of things. But there are methods of disposing of things properly. But I’m afraid all too often people are taking the cheaper option.”

David Rounding, enforcement officer for Bucks County Council said in 2003 they launched a zero-tolerance policy in response to a 10 per cent year on year rise in flytipping.

Including the cost of enforcement and awareness the campaign has saved taxpayers £850,000. Since the September 2003 peak the campaign has seen a 60 per cent reduction in flytipping reports, dropping from the peak of over 4,000 to around 1,500. Convictions have also risen from 13 in 2004 to 65 this year for the whole of Bucks. In the Vale convictions have risen from four to 25.

Mr Rounding said a single incident of flytipping is still one too many but flytippers in Bucks are ten times more likely to be prosecuted than the national average. He added: “If you are a flytipper, or someone who pays them to dispose of waste, we will find you and we will prosecute.”

Report flytipping by calling BCC on 0845 330 1856.