Estate neighbours all of a flutter over tickertape on trees

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Tickertape on trees on the Buckingham bypass has got Advertiser readers all aflutter this week.

Trees beside the A421 bypass, near the Tesco roundabout, are sporting red and white tickertape which is fluttering in the wind.

Some trees are due to be felled and some cut back as part of infrastructure work to support the new Windsor Park housing development.

Stephen Bushell, from Mount Pleasant, Buckingham said the trees provide screening for the Badgers and Mount Pleasant estates.

And he added: “These are mature trees. To be cutting down trees like this is tantamount to vandalism.”

A Transport for Bucks spokesman said: “Treeworks are being undertaken by the developer in preparation to the changes to the roundabout that will be taking place in the summer.

“The red tape is to discourage birds from nesting as we are aware we are heading into nesting season.

“We have employed an ecologist to carry out frequent assessments of this area to ensure there are no birds nesting before the work is carried out.”

A spokesman for the Windsor Park developers said: “An area of trees and vegetation is being removed in line with the requirements of the planning consent to widen the bypass and deliver the infrastructure required to support the new development at Windsor Park.

“The work is being carried out by experienced arborists and ecologists and in close liaison with the statutory authorities.

“The environmental work around Windsor Park will also include extensive landscaping, including the planting of a number of trees and shrubs and the creation of attractive public open spaces.”