From Liquid Stone to a new type of refrigerator

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A FORMER Buckingham resident who swapped music for technology has shown his inventiveness.

Ian Tansley, formerly of band Liquid Stone, is the chief technical officer for Wales-based firm True Energy.

He has been behind the invention of a new refrigeration system, called Sure Chill, which is designed to provide refrigeration in even the warmest places.

It can run on mains electricity, renewable solar power, other power sources or a combination of these to maximise whatever power is available at the time.

It uses phase change material, a substance which is capable of storing and releasing energy through melting and solidifying at a certain temperature, instead of batteries to store energy.

It operates on less than five hours of mains supply a day. Once charged, it maintains constant cooling below 10degC without any power for up to 10 days, longer in cooler climates. It can be used in vaccine refrigeration and is designed to be energy efficient.

Mr Tansley, a former pupil of Royal Latin School, said batteries in other solar powered fridges did not last long.

He said the World Health Organisation (WHO) had appealed for manufacturers to come up with a different type of solar powered fridge.

He said: “We thought if we could just store the energy in a different way, we could get rid of batteries. That was the challenge that was set.”

He added WHO said the technology was useful for remote places which didn’t have constant mains power.

“It is great for vaccines, because it is very secure,” he said. “We are at the beginning of rolling it out. It was launched by WHO and now we are talking to people all over the world.”

The technology has also attracted interest from other sectors.