Get your food waste liners from vending machines


BICESTER residents can pick up compostable liners for their food waste caddies from a new vending machine in town.

The new machine, based in the Bicester LinkPoint in Market Square, sells rolls of 30 liners for £2.50. Councillors hope the new compostable liners will encourage homeowners to recycle more of their kitchen waste.

More than 40 per cent of food waste from Cherwell district is recycled, but an estimated 5,500 tonnes still goes to landfill, costing taxpayers £220,000 each year.

Councillor Debbie Pickford, of the Bicester Town ward, said: “I truly believe that recycling is the way forward.

“Our figures have been consistently good in the district and its great to know that all the food waste and garden waste is going to compost, helping farmers so they don’t have to use chemical fertilisers.

“It’s got to be good that waste is reduced in all walks of life.”

Food waste is sent to Agrivert’s composting centre at Ardley, where it is processed and sold to gardeners and farmers. Other bin liner dispensers are available in Banbury and Kidlington.