Give your views on ways to improve recycling

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THE Oxfordshire Waste Partnership (OWP) wants to hear public views over its new recycling and waste management strategy.

The consultation is an opportunity for Oxfordshire residents to consider the county’s waste management policies up to 2030, and OWP is asking a series of questions to seek views in a number of areas.

Launching the public consultation is the final job of OWP chairman Hilary Hibbert-Biles before she hands her role to South Oxfordshire District Councillor David Dodds.

Mrs Hibbert-Biles said: “We’ve transformed waste management across Oxfordshire over the past six years.

“By working together, we’ve put in new collection schemes, built new food waste recycling plants and signed a contract to build an Energy from Waste facility to use our non-recyclables as a means of generating electricity.

“All this has taken recycling from 33 per cent to over 60 per cent.”

David Dodds, incoming chairman of OWP, said: “We want people’s views and suggestions on the way to deal with our rubbish until 2030.

“With such a high recycling rate in Oxfordshire, the challenges to push it higher are great, but with the support and involvement of the public we can make our area one of the greenest in the UK.”

People can take part in the consultation on the website or by emailing The consultation ends on August 5.