Litter pickers collect four tonnes of rubbish

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Figures for the latest Cherwell spring clean show it was one of the biggest ever.

A total of 47 organisations and individuals from Bicester, Banbury, and surrounding villages took part, including schools and parish councils.

They collected more than 600 sacks of rubbish – almost four tonnes in total.

Cherwell District Council supplied 180 high-visibility jackets, 707 pairs of gloves, and 212 litter pickers for use throughout the six-week event.

Councillor Nigel Morris, Cherwell District Council’s lead member for the environment, said: “We are enormously grateful to everyone who took part in this clean-up, their efforts are very much appreciated.

“Cherwell puts significant resources into keeping the district tidy but it is very much like the old adage about painting the Forth Bridge – you’ve no sooner finished than you need to start again.

“It is a shame that so many people think dealing with litter is someone else’s problem. Litter thrown from cars is a particular issue as it is difficult for us to enforce. I struggle to understand what is so difficult about putting rubbish in a bin.”

Anyone wishing to organise a clean-up in their neighbourhood can do so at any time of year.

The council will provide equipment and pick up black sacks at the end. Email or contact staff on 01295 227007 for details.