Litterbug drivers land taxpayers with £4.5m bill

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DRIVERS who throw litter from their cars are landing Bucks taxpayers with a £4.5 million clean-up bill each year, it was claimed last week.

‘Take your litter home,’ is the message being sent out by the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire as it launches a new campaign. The partnership said littering is anti-social, expensive and also very dangerous towards the members of staff who have to clear it.

Spokesman for the Joint Waste Committee, Bill Lidgate, said: “It can also cause delays to road users, as sections of roads sometimes have to be closed off.”

The partnership says illegal littering from vehicles is a major problem because it costs communities millions to clear up, and, as Mr Lidgate said, “...because it looks awful.”

He added: “The message is simple; don’t throw litter out of your vehicle.

“Collect it in a bag and place it in the bin. It sounds so simple, it is simple, yet there are those who think that throwing it in the street is an acceptable way to behave.”

Road shows were held in Aylesbury, Aston Clinton and Beaconsfield last week to highlight the problems litter can cause in the community.

Other roadshows are due to be held over coming weeks. Drivers can get car litter bags and portable ash trays at these shows.

Additionally, road signs with messages including ‘Please take your litter home’ and ‘Please do not throw litter from your vehicle’ will be installed at littering hotspots.

Street litter clean-ups cost £4 million per year, and an extra £500,000 for landfill costs.