Living the green life in eco-friendly town


TIPS on becoming eco-friendly and leading a greener way of life were available to visitors to Bicester last week.

The town’s first Eco Bicester Day was held to let more people know about the Eco Bicester concept, which aims to make the town a better place to live, work and raise a family.

It took place in Sheep Street, on March 26 and included consultation over bus and cycle routes, while more than 200 people completed Love Food Hate Waste pledges and everyone had the chance to grow their own tomatoes.

Parents were also able to recycle their children’s clothes and find out more about alternatives to disposable nappies from the National Childbirth Trust.

An international market organised by Cherwell District Council, was also held and the Rotary Club of Bicester promoted a scheme which recycles computers for use in Africa.

Eco Bicester Day was organised by Bicester Vision with help from the Eco Bicester team and new eco group Grassroots Bicester.

Bicester Vision Partnership manager, Rachel Faulkner, said: “We were really delighted that so many people visited the town centre on Saturday and used the shops as well as enjoying the visiting market and finding out more about some of the exciting environmental initiatives for Bicester. It was a terrific day for all those involved and we hope that people found it fun and informative.”

Grassroots Bicester says its mission is to ‘help build a better world by growing a greener Bicester.’