Older generation are stars or oil recycling

AN online poll has revealed that the older generation in the Buckingham area are better at recycling used cooking oil.

The YouGov poll, commissioned by oil firm Living Fuels, found that people aged over 45 are twice as likely to take used cooking oil to the specialist recycling tank at the Yonder Slade tip in Buckingham which last received 1,500 litre of used oil.

Ian Collins from Living Fuels, which operates a national network of collection tanks, said throwing used oil down the sink is a waste of a valuable resource.

He said: “It’s shocking that after all the public information campaigns, householders’ favourite method of vegetable oil disposal is tipping it down the kitchen sink. It’s the older generations, aged 45 plus, who are twice as likely as 18 to 44-year-olds to make the trip to the tip with their waste oil in an old milk or cooking oil container (8% vs 4%). They’re the recycling stars because those tanks turn waste vegetable oil into electricity and heat. You’d have thought the younger age groups would be keener recyclers because they’re more likely to have been formally educated as to why it’s the right thing to do environmentally.”

The research showed there was little difference in recycling used cooking oil between the genders.

If converted to into electricity one litre of used cooking oil can power an energy saving light bulb for 225 hours, or run eight 40 degC washing machine cycles. The survey also found that 37 per cent of 18 to 44-year-olds tip used oil down the sink damaging drains and watercourses.