Persistent offenders reported as dog fouling campaign in Buckingham comes to a close

Intrepid volunteers collected 1,391 piles of dog poo left behind by irresponsible dog owners over six weeks

Tuesday, 30th March 2021, 3:28 pm
Residents of Lace Hill in Buckingham have concluded a six-week campaign against dog fouling

Last weekend saw the end of a campaign by residents of Buckingham's Lace Hill to try to reduce the amount of dog fouling on the estate.

A spokesman told the Advertiser: "We are pleased and proud to announce that over the six weeks of the campaign, there was a 60 per cent decrease in the number of incidents.

"We collected a total of 1,391 piles of dog poo left behind by irresponsible dog owners over the six weeks.

"Information regarding persistent offenders has been handed to the Environmental Health team, and they have promised that a dog warden will attend the areas we have identified as a priority. And we are hopeful that they will also use the powers they have to enforce the law regarding dog fouling and make contact with them. This will be crucial if we are to keep the area clean and safe for residents and visitors to enjoy."

Two persistent offenders have been reported to Environmental Health and the group has also asked for a number of houses in one particular area to be contacted.

The Lace Hill Residents Association thanked residents for their support and encouragement for the campaign and also thanked the team of volunteers who spent hundreds of hours to ensure the campaign was a success.

"This is testament to the growing community spirit we have on Lace Hill," said a spokesman.