Quick Litter Pick point installed in Buckingham park

Town council launches scheme to help residents pick up other people's litter safely

Thursday, 10th June 2021, 12:50 pm

Buckingham Town Council has launched a new Quick Litter Pick point, to help people quickly clear up any litter they spot in the town's parks.

The new initiative follows requests from residents and community groups asking how they can get involved in safely clearing any litter they find while out and about.

The safest way to clear up someone else’s rubbish is to use a litter picker. This helps keep the litter at a distance from your body, protecting you from broken edges and any potential germs.

Sue Hetherington with the Quick Litter Pick bin

But as few of us carry litter pickers at all times, so the town council has now introduced Buckingham’s first #QuickLitterPick point.

The covered cage in Bourton Park contains five individual litter pickers and a supply of bin liners, and can be accessed by anyone with the code for the lock.

Anyone who would like the code can call the town council office on 01280 816426 or Buckingham Tourist Information Centre on 01280 823020 during opening hours.

One of Buckingham's newly elected town councillors, Sue Hetherington, has already been out to have a go.

Sue, who is a keen environmentalist, said: ”The Quick Litter Pick is a great idea. It was easy to use and we had really positive reactions from the people we met while using the litter pickers. Everyone was keen to have a go.

"This project was originally started with previous chair of the Environment Committee, Ruth Newell, and I’d like to send her a big thank you.”

The Quick Litter Pick point is near the Bourton Park car park and multi-use games area.

It forms part of a multi-pronged approach by Buckingham Town Council to getting litter under control this year.

The approach also includes more regular park bin emptying and raising awareness of the problem, particularly of broken glass, which can easily cause harm to children and animals.