Resident's anger at Bucks waste recycling centres not accepting cash

A resident has spoken of his frustration after being unable to dispose of items at Aylesbury's waste recycling centre because it does not accept cash.

Thursday, 2nd May 2019, 11:04 am
Updated Thursday, 2nd May 2019, 11:13 am
Library image of the recycling centre at Rabans Lane, Aylesbury

Andy Coombs took four items to the centre on Rabans Lane for disposal and was charged £10.

As he only had cash on him, he was not able to dispose of the waste because all the county's recycling centres do not accept cash payments.

Mr Coombs said: "I went to the recycling centre to dispose of the items and put them in the bins.

Library image of the recycling centre at Rabans Lane, Aylesbury

"I did not have any cards on me at the time so I had to take the items and put them back in the car.

"The only advice I got from the staff at the centre was 'don't fly-tip them.'

"Some older people, like me and either don't have cards or don't use them regularly.

"If people only have cash on them what are they supposed to do?"

In a statement Bucks County councillor Bill Chapple, the cabinet member for planning and environment confirmed the council's household recycling centres, which include sites at Aylesbury, Aston Clinton and Buckingham, do not accept cash payments.

Cllr Chapple said: “All payments for the disposal of chargeable items at our HRCs can only be made by credit, debit, pre-paid payment card or Apple/Google pay.

“This decision was made after careful consideration in order to keep the process as simple and safe as possible.

"The additional burden of keeping a cash float could compromise site security, cost more to administer and cause delays for residents.”