Schools and community groups urged to help get Bucks Buzzing

Project has helped hundreds to create pollinator-friendly spaces for insects

Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 11:11 am
Updated Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 11:12 am
Pollinators: Bumblebee

A nature project aims to get Bucks Buzzing - and it's calling on schools and community groups to get involved

The Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Natural Environment Partnership (NEP) is supporting pollinators and creating new wildflower habitats across the county with its awareness-raising wildlife gardening project, Bucks Buzzing.

The importance of pollinating insects cannot be underestimated, both to our natural environment and to the economy, but many pollinator populations are in decline.

Pollinators: Six-spot burnet moth

Many people want to do their bit to help insects and wildlife. It might be as simple as leaving the lawn to grow a little longer or planting some nectar-rich flowers, or even a more complex project such as digging a pond or creating a hedgerow.

Access to nature and green space has also been shown to benefit both our physical health and our mental well-being. A community wildlife area can provide a space for people to interact with nature, discover more about insects, or learn to identify plants.

Bucks Buzzing has helped hundreds of residents, businesses, schools and other organisations across the county to create pollinator-friendly spaces for insects and other wildlife to live and thrive - although sadly, its community initiatives had to be put on hold over the past year, due to the pandemic.

But as things start to cautiously unlock again, the group is on the lookout for projects in the north Bucks area to support, and it's asking any community groups or schools that are interested to get in touch.

In 2019, children from the Olney Infant Academy met up with the group to collect wildflower seeds at Barn Field, a local wildlife site in Olney, which the pupils then planted around the school as part of their Bug Buddies programme.

They also enjoyed some bug hunting, finding several species of bees, butterflies, beetles and hoverflies, and were excited to see over 100 species of moths, which had been caught for them in moth traps the night before by local enthusiasts.

Wildlife gardening resource sheets for schools and community groups are available on the Bucks Buzzing website, along with activities, such as colouring sheets and British Bee Bunting, to make learning about pollinating insects fun.