Solar power firm sets up shop in Blisworth

Clenergy project
Clenergy project

A GLOBAL manufacturer of solar panel equipment has announced a move to Blisworth.

Clenergy, which makes photovoltaic (PV) mounting systems and inverters, has been increasingly focused on the UK market since the end of 2011.

The firm has moved its offices from a site in Northampton to Blisworth Hill Farm in Stoke Road.

Clenergy said it had relocated its UK headquarters from Northampton to Blisworth on May 1, “... to facilitate the optimisation of the company’s expansive human resources planning on a long-term basis.”

As a globally-recognised manufacturer of innovative PV mounting systems and inverters, Clenergy said it has been increasingly focusing on the UK market since the end of 2011.

Andreas König, Clenergy’s European sales and marketing director, said: “This new office at the already-established location in the near of Northampton provides us with the optimal conditions to continue our gradual development in the fields of human resources and infrastructure in a central and easily-accessible location.”

The new office will not only be home to Clenergy’s new UK headquarters, but will also be used for the establishment and development of an effective sales team for the local market, set up by UK sales manager Michael Middlemast.

The business’s UK manager Charlie Greenaway said they needed extra space as the company grew and added: “We’ve already taken one extra person to work alongside me, but as PV becomes more popular we hope to employ up to six people here in Blisworth, with a mixture of local people and people with specialist skills from further afield.

“But with the cost of fuel we will be looking for them in places like Northampton and Milton Keynes.”

The multinational firm has its headquarters in Xiamen, China, and has offices in Australia, Germany, Italy, France, the US and the UK. It employs 170 people around the world, and has installed products in 17 countries.