UV spray is latest weapon in war against illegal waste

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A NEW ultra-violet spray is being used in Bucks to identify illegally-dumped waste.

The SelectaDOT spray permanently marks piles of waste such as building rubble so enforcement officers can identify where it has come from.

The weather-resistant UV spray also contains thousands of microdots, each printed with an identification number registered with Bucks County Council.

Bill Lidgate, chairman of the Bucks Waste Partnership, said: “This new technology is going to be a very useful addition to our range of enforcement methods, particularly when dealing with those who have dumped waste previously or are already being investigated.

“However, we can’t be everywhere and we still need members of the public who witness anyone carrying out these offences to come forward and report what they have seen - almost half of our convictions are as a result of witnesses reporting incidents to us.

“We treat illegal waste disposal seriously; anyone who is caught dumping waste illegally is liable for an unlimited fine if the case goes to Crown Court. Fly-tippers could also face a prison sentence of up to five years.”

The Bucks Waste Partnership has secured 269 convictions against individuals and companies since it was created in November 2003.

Fly-tipping in Bucks can be reported on 0845 3301856.