Watch out litterbugs - the wardens are about

LITTERBUGS in Bicester had better watch their step as Cherwell District Council’s street wardens can now take tougher measures against them.

They will link with the council’s existing environmental services team which is able to fine people for dropping rubbish or allowing their dog to foul in public, extending the level of service across the district.

The three street wardens in Bicester already clear up litter, dog mess and needles as part of their list of responsibilities.

But they will now be able to take direct action against offenders by handing out fines of between £50 and £75.

George Reynolds, Cherwell’s councillor for environment, recreation and health, said: “We live in a beautiful district, parts of which are occasionally blighted by litter and dog fouling.

“We are often told these are priorities for residents so we do what we can to keep on top of them.”

Nigel Morris, Cherwell’s councillor for community safety, street scene and rural services, said: “Our street wardens carry out some extremely valuable work and their efforts are enormously appreciated.

“Before now they had to try and make sure the streets remained clean and tidy but were unable to tackle people dropping litter.

“But now they will have more clout, being able to issue on-the-spot fines, not just warn offenders.”