Wildflower illustration boards spring up in Buckingham park

Panels illustrate the different species of native flowers found in town's popular meadows

Tuesday, 13th April 2021, 5:37 pm

Wildflower illustration boards have been installed in Bourton Park, thanks to Buckingham Town Council's Environment Committee.

The boards, aimed at enhancing visitors’ enjoyment of the park, have been fixed at regular intervals to the new fencing surrounding the junior play area.

Each board displays a watercolour illustration by local artist Fiona Hancock of a native wildflower species commonly found in the park, and a short description.

One of the wildflower illustration boards

Since 2018, Buckingham Town Council has introduced three areas of wildflowers and, with the help of many local volunteers, planted swathes of native woodland bulbs across Bourton Park. All of the species have been carefully chosen to ensure they are native to the UK and well suited to the environment in which they were planted.

The wildflower meadows have proven extremely popular with visitors to the park, and the aim of the panels is to provide further insight into the importance of wildflowers to our environment.

One of the wildflower illustration boards
One of the wildflower illustration boards