‘Everyone said we’d get ourselves in hot water’

Jenny and Daren Angood, centre, and staff at Hot Tubs At Home
Jenny and Daren Angood, centre, and staff at Hot Tubs At Home

A hot tub dealer which opened its doors just as the credit crunch kicked in has now received awards for outstanding achievement.

Towcester-based Hot Tubs At Home, which specialises in Coast spas, was set up by Jenny and Daren Angood in September 2006.

Jenny, aged 30, said: “We opened our doors, with just three hot tubs on display, at the moment the economy collapsed. Everyone thought we were crazy – our friends and families included.

“But we journeyed on and decided it wouldn’t beat us.

“We kept our stock levels low, our staff levels manageable, our outgoings low and our debt even lower.”

Now all their hard work has paid off, and the business employs four additional staff.

The showroom now measures 2,500sq ft – five times its original size, with 18 hot tubs, log cabins and a 14ft swimspa on display.

Last week, at the Coast Spas international dealer seminar in Vancouver, Canada, the Angoods were presented with awards for customer service, outstanding sales and outstanding international growth for 2014.

Mrs Angood said: “We’re very proud, especially when you’ve been told you’ll fail.”

And she feels the economy is now on the upturn. “I think people are less scared now,” she said. “I think people are investing in things that make them feel good again.”

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