Exclusion zone set up after chemical leak reported in Brackley

Chemical leak at factory premises in Shires Road,Brackley.'110603M-C242
Chemical leak at factory premises in Shires Road,Brackley.'110603M-C242

UPDATE: Firemen dressed in protective clothing entered an industrial unit in Brackley this afternoon.

Retained fire crews from Brackley and Towcester were called to the unit in Shires Road on the Buckingham Road Industrial Estate at 2.30pm to investigate a potential chemical leak. Police and the Health and Safety Executive also attended the scene.

The unit was subject of a front page story in last week’s Advertiser amid fears abandoned chemical posed and public hazard.

Just before 4pm today (Friday, June 6) two firemen dressed in bright green gas tight chemical protection suites entered the site to gather information on the chemicals.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said they are not sure what chemicals are there at the moment.

Police have set up a 50 metre exclusion zone along Shires Road.

Lorry drivers Glen Martin from Northampton and Paul Stuchfield from Buckingham were left frustrustrated after being denied access to their yard.

Mr Martin said: “It’s an accident waiting to happen, especially on days like this if chemicals overheat you’ve got to be very wary because they can go pop.”

Mr Stuchfield said they can not finish for the day until they can leave their vehicles in their companies secure yard and added: “The boss isn’t happy.”

Another man on his way to work was on the phone to his boss when told he could not cross the police line.

Unconfirmed reports suggest a business next to the unit has also been evacuated.