Expect antibiotics cold shoulder at GPs

Health news
Health news

If you go to the doctors with a cough or cold, expect to receive a self-care leaflet and not antibiotics.

The leaflet will explain that simple remedies which can be obtained from a pharmacist are all that are required to help with some relief of the symptoms..

Patients will be told that most minor infections and coughs and colds will get better without antibiotics and that prescribing them inappropriately can cause harm.

Doctors hope this will help to educate people about why appropriate self-management is more important.

The message is being issued as we approach European Antibiotic Awareness Day on November 18.

Dr Stuart Logan, clinical lead for Medicines Management at Aylesbury Vale Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Self-care works best for minor illnesses.

“Patients with minor infections will not be given antibiotics. This new local leaflet explains how long common self-limiting conditions last for, along with things to look out for which may prompt someone to seek further advice from a doctor, nurse or pharmacist”

According to the CCG, bacteria adapt and find ways to survive the effects of an antibiotic.

They become “antibiotic resistant” so that the treatment will no longer work when needed for a more serious illness.


· The more we use antibiotics, the greater the chance that bacteria will become resistant to them so that they no longer work on our infections.

· Antibiotic-resistant bacteria don’t just infect an individual; they can spread to other people in close contact.

· Antibiotics can cause side effects such as rashes, thrush, stomach pains diarrhoea, reactions to sunlight and other side effects.

Source: Aylesbury Vale CCG