Failed drains could lead to further delays for drivers

A421 Buckingham ring road works 140116M-B300 ENGPNL00120140116154130
A421 Buckingham ring road works 140116M-B300 ENGPNL00120140116154130

Crumbling drains under the A421 Buckingham bypass could lead to even further delays for motorists as more repair works are carried out.

Roadworks are currently under way to widen the carriageway and enlarge the Tesco roundabout to allow for increased traffic from the new 700-home Windsor Park development.

Now a county councillor is calling for storm water drains under the road to be replaced at the same time.

Councillor Robin Stuchbury told the Advertiser the drains, which carry storm water from Tesco, on London Road are ‘like a cracked eggshell’ and must be replaced.

Mr Stuchbury asked Bucks County Council (BCC) to have CCTV cameras put down to inspect the drains, which were found to be in danger of collapse. And he is demanding that remedial work is carried out as soon as possible.

Mr Stuchbury says the failed drains explain the persistent problem of flooding in the area of the pelican crossing near Meadway.

He said: “These pipes don’t belong to Bucks County Council, they are the property of Tesco. I can’t allow them to continue to discharge foul water on to the highway.

“I want residents to be aware that identifying this additional work will cause more delays. This is additional work that was not scheduled in the original agreement , but I’m determined, as county councillor, the road surface will not be laid till this extra work is carried out.

“The pipes are like a cracked egg.

“It’s important the public are aware there will be further delays and I’m sorry about that but I think people will accept that.

“There have been issues with that crossing since the day it was put in.

“In my time, I’ve asked as a town councillor then a district councillor, and finally as a county councillor I had the authority to request cameras to be put down.

“And the cameras showed what I already knew – that the drains had failed.”

A BCC spokesman said: “Following discussions between the developer, main contractor for the works, Buckingham Town Council, district council, Councillor Stuchbury and county council engineers, the issue of the surface water was discussed and the developer agreed to extend their CCTV survey to include through to the discharge from Tesco’s land.

“This was carried out in February. It was at this stage that the poor condition of the foul sewer in particular was identified.

“Since the results of the survey, both Councillor Stuchbury and BCC have been trying to meet with Tesco representatives, which resulted in a meeting between the store manager and all parties on March 27. A further meeting was to be arranged but, despite our efforts to arrange this, we have not had a date confirmed from Tesco.

“We are actively pursuing Tesco for this work to be carried out whilst other work is also taking place, therefore reducing disruption to all road users and residents.

“Discussions will be ongoing with Tesco regarding the programme of this remedial work and the possibility of the Hallam Land main civils contractor to carry them out, obviously at Tesco’s cost.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “We were pleased to meet the council at the end of March and will continue to work with the council on this matter”.