Family burgled twice in less than two weeks

Veli Doner after been burgled twice in 12 days during August 2013
Veli Doner after been burgled twice in 12 days during August 2013

A couple in Brackley are reminding people to be vigilant after they were burgled twice in less than a fortnight.

Feliz and Veli Doner, well known as the proprietors of the Market Square kebab van, have been left reeling after their home in Ellesmere Road was raided twice in the space of 12 days this month.

Mrs Doner said they have lived in Brackley for 13 years, and in their current home for eight, without incident.

But she added: “I don’t feel safe now, I won’t leave for work or come home without Veli.”

Mr Doner discovered the first burglary just after 9pm on Saturday, August 3, when he returned home for a short break.

As he entered his drive he noticed items from their bathroom lying on the ground at the side of the house and found a rear window ajar.

Peering through a window he saw the bedrooms had been ransacked and immediately phoned police.

When they arrived minutes later they accompanied Mr Doner into the house in case the burglars were still present.

Takings which had not been banked from the previous evening had been stolen along with all of Mrs Doner’s gold jewellery. Silver items were left untouched.

Afterwards they found marks on doors and windows, including those at the front of the house, suggesting someone had used a tool to try to force entry.

Mr Doner said: “I was shocked. And I can’t believe there weren’t any witnesses.

“It was broad daylight and it’s a very busy road, there are lots of cars, people walking dogs or using the post box.

“And when the van and car are off the drive it’s very open so there would’ve been banging noises as they tried to get in.”

After the first burglary the couple increased security and shared their phone numbers with neighbours.

Mr Doner was surprised to get a call on Thursday, August 15, from someone who told him his house was being attacked again.

He said: “I was in the square so I called the police and jumped in my car.

“The police were in my garden by the time I got there. Again it was just after 9pm so it was daylight.”

Mr Doner urged anyone with information to contact police.

He is also calling for people to be more vigilant and added: “It’s us now, but it could be 
anyone next.”

Brackley police’s sergeant Micki Simons said: “Burglaries are rare in Brackley so for a house to be attacked twice in 12 days is very unusual.

“We have a vague description of three male youths running away from the property last Thursday and I would appeal to anyone with information to get in touch with us on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”