Farm Sunday shows reality of food chain

Boycott Farm Stowe  Open Day
Boycott Farm Stowe Open Day

FARMERS are being urged to sign up for a nationwide open day in June designed to help consumers better understand the food chain.

Since the 2006 the Open Farm Sunday has attracted three quarters of million visitors to farms up and down the UK. Boycott Farm near Stowe has taken part in the open day for the last four years and regular has hundreds of people visit.

Once again the farm will host tractor rides, tours of the farms, and a chance to meet the farm animals.

Farm business manager Helen Jefferies said: “It’s taking people back to basics, back to what farming is all about. And yes some people might be uncomfortable with it, but it’s a chance to show that actually yes that sausage did come from that piglet in the farm yard.”

The open day is organised by the charity Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF). Caroline Drummond, LEAF chief executive said this year 30 per cent of the farms signed up for the day, were doing so for the first time, and hopes the number of visitors will top 1 million. LEAF research shows that 80 per cent of farmers who took part last year reported real business benefits including: increased sales; better community relations; raised local profile; building staff morale, and gaining new contacts.

Mrs Drummond added: “So many of our farmers are passionate about the work they do and enjoy helping the public understand British food production and modern farming methods.

“This isn’t possible every day so Open Farm Sunday provide a fantastic opportunity for communities to come together.

“We’ve so much planned this year, including new sponsors, resources and workshops, alongside the first national farm pollinator survey that we want to encourage as many farmers as possible, including those in the South East to get involved.”

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