Farmer’s bid for solar farm in Northamptonshire refused by councillors after complaints

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A solar farm with more than 15,000 panels in a farmer’s field in Northamptonshire has been refused planning permission.

The plans for land between Roade and Blisworth had been recommended for refusal by officers at South Northamptonshire Council.

Members of the development control committee agreed that the development “would have had an over-industrialising effect on an undulating rural landscape”.

In addition, they said it would result in the loss of enjoyment for users of the adjacent public right of way.

Roade Parish Council had objected to the scehme, along with eight nearby residents.

They complained that the plans would cause highway disruption during construction and raised safety concerns for horse and riders, the loss of agricultural land, and the harm to the landscape as other reasons to object.

The committee said the applicant also failed to provide sufficient evidence to show the proposal would not result in harm to any archaeology of significance on the site.