Fears for out-of-county waste being brought in

Artist's impression of the Calvert incinerator
Artist's impression of the Calvert incinerator

LORRYLOADS of waste from out of county could be trucked through north Bucks if the Calvert incinerator goes ahead, a district councillor fears.

At its meeting on Tuesday night, Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) cabinet agreed to authorise the district council to enter into a county-wide agreement over the ‘transformation’ of waste with Bucks County Council and the three other district councils.

But district councillor Robin Stuchbury said some cabinet members questioned the sense of building the proposed new energy-from-waste facility at Calvert, given that incinerators in Milton Keynes, South Northants and Oxfordshire are running at under-capacity.

Mr Stuchbury said: “If they put the Calvert incinerator in, it will have to compete for waste and it will draw in waste from out of county.”

“Because of the recession and people recycling more, there will be less waste to go through the incinerator and it will be running at under-capacity.

“The danger is, as there’s a railway nearby, they could just be burning people’s waste from London and Birmingham.”

The collection of food waste from homes is set to be rolled out across the Vale in September under AVDC’s new waste collection scheme, with new recycling and food waste bins being delivered to homes in July and August.

Even though there is not yet an incinerator at Calvert, food waste will not go to landfill, said AVDC spokesman for environment and health, Sir Beville Stanier.

He said: “Food waste will go to an anaerobic digestion plant which will be organised by the county council. They assure us they will have facilities in place for that.”

Garden waste from the whole of the Vale will be sent to the compost site at Maids Moreton.