Feelings running high over 90-homes plan

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The failure of the Vale of Aylesbury Plan could have opened the door for a proposed housing development.

More than 60 people attended Tingewick Parish Council meeting to hear representatives of developers Catesby Estates Ltd outline plans to build 90 homes on a 13-acre site on the edge of the village, running down to the A421 Buckingham bypass.

This would be a significant increase in development for Tingewick, which currently has 460 homes.

The company is in the process of preparing a planning application for submission in the autumn.

Feelings ran high at the meeting, last Thursday, at which the developers showed plans for the site, on fields at the eastern end of the village, leading down to the bypass.

Parish council chairman Peter Smith said: “We had put it on the agenda as it was our first contact from the developers, so it could be discussed in public.

“It was a well-attended parish council meeting.

“There were a lot of opinions expressed and questions asked of the developers.

“They didn’t come with a lot of information.

“They didn’t give us any details whatsoever on the mix of housing. They did quote numbers of 90 units but we don’t know about densities.

“They were at great pains to quote the failure of the Vale of Aylesbury Plan and the opportunity this presented.”

Mr Smith added: “The general mood of that particular meeting wasn’t favourable.

“But there will be a full public consultation at a date to be announced in June.”

A spokesman for Catesby Estates said it aims to bring much-needed homes to the area.

The spokesman said: “Catesby is committed to engaging with the local community and will be offering stakeholders an early opportunity to meet with the project team to discuss the proposals.

“This will be followed by a public exhibition early in June, where the wider community will be invited to view the scheme and, where possible, their views will be incorporated into the plans.”

Senior planning manager Fergus Thomas said: “We are in the early stages of developing housing proposals on this sustainable site that we can all be proud of.

“In doing so, we are keen to work with the local community to progress a high-quality scheme which will positively contribute to the area and increase the local housing choice.”

A website will be created when the proposals are further advanced.