#findjeremy: Sister’s search for passing hero who helped her brother after fatal roadside collapse

Steve Gregory
Steve Gregory

The sister of a Banbury motorcyclist who died after collapsing at the side of the A43 in Towcester has launched a social media campaign to find a passing hero who attempted to save his life.

Tina Loggin, of Charlton, has launched the #findjeremy Twitter campaign in a bid to say a personal thank you to the man who gave CPR to her brother Steve Gregory, 48, after he pulled over to the side of the road and then collapsed at around 8.30am on September 26 last year.

Her initial Tweet, published today (Thursday), reads: ‘Want to thank “Jeremy” did CPR on my Bro 26 Sept last year A43 Towcester. On his way to Sheffield taking daughter to Uni #findjeremy’.

Mrs Loggin, 50, said: “My brother Steve was riding his motorbike when witnesses saw him wobble slightly, pull over to the side of the road, drop his bike, then collapse.

“Several vehicles pulled over and people started to help Steve. He was found to have no pulse and was not breathing so they started CPR.

“Within a minute or so another man stopped and took over the CPR until an ambulance arrived, followed by an air ambulance that took Steve away to hospital in Coventry.

“Those who were kind enough to help Steve mentioned this last man who did the really effective CPR, which I understand was so effective the emergency services found him to have regained a pulse.

“Sadly Steve had suffered a catastrophic brain haemorrhage and it was not possible to save his life – but because of the actions of those there that fateful morning it meant that Steve, who was on the organ donor register, was a suitable donor.”

The only information Mrs Loggin has about the good Samaritan is that he may have been called Jeremy and was possibly travelling to Sheffield to take his daughter to university.

She said: “I would like to say thank you to Jeremy for acting so bravely and confidently.

“Although he wasn’t able to save Steve’s life he did make such a difference in that Steve was able to carry out his last, beautiful, gift of organ donation – and indirectly he saved the lives of three other men through the donation of his two kidneys and his liver.

“I have started the #findjeremy twitter campaign in the hope that my message will reach him.”

Mr Gregory worked as a motorbike training instructor in Brackley.

The #findjeremy campaign resembles a recent nationally-publicised #findmike Twitter campaign, which saw mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin, 26, reunited with a passing stranger who stepped in and offered support when he was threatening to jump from London’s Waterloo Bridge six years ago.

You can support Mrs Loggin’s #findjeremy appeal by following her on Twitter, @TinaLoggin