Finishing touches to town’s new park

David Reed, a member of the Towcester Watermeadows management group
David Reed, a member of the Towcester Watermeadows management group

THE final step in creating an idyllic green space in the heart of Towcester has been approved.

Wildlife enthusiasts are now exploring ways in which to increase the number and variety of plants and animals on the grade II listed parkland.

This month South Northants Council approved the 27 acre expansion of the Towcester Watermeadow.

The project, started in 2009, is part of the wider Moat Land regeneration project and saw the acquisition of land formerly part of the Easton Neston Estate.

First phase, including improved access, footpaths, fencing and safety work to trees on the 30 acre site, was complete in April 2010. It it hoped phase two will create further space for a wide variety of uses ranging from; informal play space to organised educational events. It is envisaged the space will provide the town with a meeting point and will become the centre for community events. Walking routes will also be extended and could be linked with the town centre enabling a circular walk.

David Reed of Towcester Wildlife trust is a member of the Watermeadow’s management group, and said: “Bio-diversity has fallen. We’ve been taking a minimal intervention approach and used grazing livestock to maintain it.

“But it looks like it might have been over grazed. But there are things we can do to increase diversity; putting up bird boxes and bat boxes and improving some of the river banks.”