Firefighters called to washing machine fire

BUCKINGHAM firefighters were called to a washing machine fire at a home in Western Avenue, Buckingham, on Saturday afternoon.

Two fire engines were sent to the scene. Watch manager John Robinson said: “It was fortunate because it happened during the day and the occupiers saw smoke coming out and called us.

“We were able to remove the machine to outside the house to avoid any further smoke damage.”

The crew put the fire out, ventilated the area and gave fire safety advice.

Mr Robinson said the occupiers were in shock at how easily such a fire could occur, and added that the damage could have been much worse if the fire had happened at night or when the householders were out.

He said: “It shows the importance of having a smoke alarm, and it is another reason not to use a washing machine at night.”

Surprisingly, Mr Robinson said washing machine fires are not uncommon.

“Any appliance that runs on electricity has the potential to cause a fire,” he said.

Bucks Fire & Rescue Service advises people not to use washing machines at night or when they are out of the house, and to make sure they have a working smoke alarm.