Firemen rescue puppy trapped in cupboard

Molly the springer spaniel with watch manager Aaron Brinklow
Molly the springer spaniel with watch manager Aaron Brinklow

A Marsh Gibbon woman has thanked firefighters who rescued her eight-week old puppy after it got its head stuck in a cupboard.

Carla Cassidy’s springer spaniel , Molly, was at the home of Rebecca and Timothy Neal in Scotts Lane, Marsh Gibbon last Saturday when she managed to climb into a utility room cupboard and get her head trapped in a cut-out hole at the back.

The Neals were away at the time and the house and the puppy were in the care of Carla’s sister, Libby.

Libby rang their brother Lloyd and his girlfirend Jemma to help, but they eventually had to call Bucks Fire &Rescue Service.

Carla said: “My brother rang me after she had been stuck for about an hour.

“The fire service first response was there when I got there. We then waited for the fire engine; it was very embarrassing.

“They were so sweet and they were really gentle with Molly, which was really great.

“And they dealt with us so well – three hysterical girls.

“My sister is 21, she was absolutely beside herself that it had happened. She was crying her eyes out when she called the fire brigade.

“She was worried about what I would say.”

Firefighters used a toolkit to take out the base unit and release Molly, who had a wire for the water softener wrapped round her neck. Carla said: “She came out of it completely unfazed, like nothing had happened. She just took it on the chin.

“I was scared because it’s been such a long time coming, getting this puppy, but she’s OK now. The vet checked her over this week.” And she added: “You have to have eyes in the back of your head with this one, she’s so quick.

“She looks like butter wouldn’t melt but she’s naughty.”

And Carla said she can’t thank the firefighters enough for rescuing Molly.

“They were so brilliant, they were so sympathetic with us,” she said.

“We were really scared. I can’t thank them enough.

“We sent them off with a box of chocolates.”