First meeting of action group to tackle anti-social behaviour in Buckingham hailed as a success

The action group's first meeting proved to be a great success
The action group's first meeting proved to be a great success

Following last week’s call to arms to help tackle anti-social behaviour, the first meeting of the town’s action group has been hailed a huge success.

Organised by Corrinna Martin, representatives from the town council, Bucks County Council, the parish church, health workers, police, local youth services and members of the public were all in attendence to help tackle issues.

Corrinna Martin said: “I was absolutely amazed and overwhelmed with the attendance, the people kept coming and it was standing room only.

“There were 30+ people in the left hand side of The King’s Head Coffee and Gin Bar.

“Very cosy, but very civilised!”

Attendees discussed the anti-social behaviour that had been happening in the town, how the community can support the police and most importantly how the community can engage this minority group of young people.

She added: “The group also talked about what is already out there for young people, how we can link into these activities and where are the gaps.”

As a result of the meeting, their first community engagement event has already been launched,

The Woolpack in Buckingham has offered the group the use of the Cote on August 19 and 20 to showcase options of what is out there for young people.

Corrinna added: “We are calling on all clubs, organisations, charities, agencies and businesses that offer activities and opportunities for young people to provide us with their promotional information and contact details.

“Youth services want to do some detached/outreach work in the area, but there needs to be consistency.

“The plan is for the community to work with the youth services and the police to support in the outreach work.

“This won’t be a quick fix as we need to ensure that the community have the right training and support before they can go out.”

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved, e-mail or find ‘Supporting Young People in Buckingham’ on Facebook.