First timer tries in vein to give blood

Lyn Humm and Tony McMurray at a blood donor session in Towcester PNL-140809-113520001
Lyn Humm and Tony McMurray at a blood donor session in Towcester PNL-140809-113520001
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A woman who has been donating blood for the past 50 years has given her 100th donation – on the same day her son-in-law was due to give his first.

Lyn Humm, of the Counting House Bed and Breakfast, in Brackley Road, Towcester, visited a blood donor session on Friday at Towcester Centre for Leisure.

The plan was Mrs Humm would give blood with her son-in-law, Tony McMurray, of Towcester Tea Rooms to give blood for the first time straight afterwards.

But an unexpected hiccup meant Mr McMurray, who has raised thousands of pounds for charity through a number of challenges, including a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, was unable to proceed.

He said: “As I sat with the doctor I was convinced the nurse would say no given my time in Tanzania in 2007 or perhaps my five month stint in Israel taking in such dangerous places as Gaza and The West Bank. However after a long checking process of my long list of country visits a Glasgow accent came across and said, ‘Happy to proceed Mr McMurray.’

“No turning back, I thought. After a further 10 minute wait I was ushered into my seat and was asked to roll up the sleeve on my left arm. The girls had been pre-warned by Lyn as to the circumstances around this ‘virgin donator’ they had before them and they seemed to have an extra step in their stride as they started work on my arm.

“To my surprise, they looked a little startled at a lack of vein. After a good few minutes of prodding, they switched arms – again no luck. They switched back and then a gathering of nurses started prodding me all over. Eventually I heard the head nurse say in her Celtic accent, ‘We could always have a go at his jugular.’

“Fifteen minutes into this search for the elusive vein the four of them gave up, leaving me to stride over to the waiting area for my free cup of coffee and biscuit. The faces on the two girls was priceless.”

Mr McMurray has now rescheduled his appointment for January 30.

He added: “It is important that all those who can give blood do give blood. What Friday’s events also proved to me is the need to stay hydrated at all times in order support a healthy body, something that I omitted to day in the lead up to my first donation.”