Food Bank anniversary is a celebration of generosity

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THE giving spirit of local people is helping turn lives around as the Brackley Food Bank celebrates its first birthday.

Set up last April by the Rev Duncan Tuck of the Brackley Community Church the bank collects food from members of the other churches and individuals in the town and redistributes it to people suffering a crisis such as a bereavement or financial hardship.

Since then the bank has given out the equivalent of two baths of breakfast cereal, enough biscuits to build a wall one foot high and 15 feet long, a 50 kilo Tuna fish, and 10,000 cups of tea and coffee.

Mr Tuck said they had received a letter of appreciation which said: “Every item opened showed someone cared and it made me determined to get back on her feet and help others”.

Mr Tuck said he had been surprised at the numbers who needed the Food Bank but added: “It has been a privilege to find so many people supporting this venture.”