Forget the John Lewis ad! Emily’s penguin is Christmas card cracker

Emily Wright with her competition-winning design
Emily Wright with her competition-winning design
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A 10-year-old’s painting of a penguin holding a Christmas pudding can now be found at more than 2,000 garden centres across the country.

Emily Wright, 10, who goes to St James & St John School in Chackmore, was picked from over 10,000 entries in the schools category of a national design a Christmas card competition.

She painted a penguin holding a pudding standing in front of some Christmas trees and with a silhouetted Santa’s sleigh against the moon.

It will be found on the front of gift voucher cards for garden centre customers to buy.

Emily’s design, selected over designs by pupils two years older than her, was posted at Buckingham Nurseries and Garden Centre where she collected her prize of £1,000 worth of garden gift vouchers for her school.

The Buckingham garden centre also presented Emily with a book on Monet and the Horticultural Trades Association gave her some gardening books and some vouchers of her own.

National Garden Gift Vouchers ran the competition and its marketing manager, Tony Stacey, said: “Congratulations to Emily on her winning design – we look forward to seeing it in the country’s garden centres.

“We had a phenomenal response to our Design a Christmas Card competition with thousands of entries from all over the UK and the standard of artwork was very high.”