Four become seven! Town wards set for a shake-up

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Poll cards will soon be sent out with details of your election station – but it might not be the one you are expecting.

The changes to Bicester Town Council wards will involve the four existing wards being disbanded and new boundary lines being implemented.

The seven new wards will be called Bicester Central, Bicester East, Bicester North, Bicester South East, Bicester South West, Bicester Town, and Bicester West.

Sue Smith, returning officer for Cherwell, said: “These changes have been brought about by the Oxfordshire County Council boundary review.

“Although the number of councillors on Bicester Town Council will remain the same at 15, what it does mean is that the geographical area they represent will change.

“Because of Bicester’s current and planned growth, some wards have increased faster than others which has left some councillors representing significantly more voters than other members so these changes have been implemented to even things up again.

“Some residents may find that although the boundaries have changed their ward name has stayed the same while others may find themselves part of a brand new ward and with a new polling station.

“Therefore to help people understand just where they fit into the new structure, poll cards will advise them ahead of this year’s election.”

At the elections on May 7, there will be all-out elections for Bicester Town Council.

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