Free live music in Buckingham town centre

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Buckingham’s free live music event will be livening up the town centre once again on Sunday, August 25.

Now in its ninth year, the BandJam Big Bash takes place on the bull ring on Market Hill from 1pm until 10pm.

Headlining this year are The Bighead, Mad Mods And Englishmen and German band The Crooners.

Also in the line-up are Just Nuisance, The Great Big Bargain, Rebel Yell, Sync the Bismarck, the Blue Road and Spaced Out.

Just Nuisance is a five-piece covers and originals band formed in 2006 which plays classic and contemporary rock.

The Great Big Bargain is a six-piece ska-punk band from Banbury, playing “music to dance and drink to”.

Rebel Yell is a new band formed by members of various bands who have all made thier mark on the music business in one way or another, playing music from all their favorite artists such as Tom Petty, Razorlight, The Who, Neil Young, CSN andThe Kinks.

Sync The Bismarck are a four-piece guitar-driven indie band based in Buckingham/Milton Keynes.

The Blue Road are a three-piece blues/rock band based in South Northants.

Organisers Sean and Cher Allen thanked Marshall Amplification for the loan of equipment and Buckingham Town Council for funding the event.