Free screening of student poetry documentary

Still from My Other Life PNL-140428-114751001
Still from My Other Life PNL-140428-114751001

An independent film which focuses on a year in the life of a group of University of Buckingham students as they develop and perform poetry is being screened for the first time on Thursday, May 8.

The hour-long film, My Other Life, put together by independent film company Embonpoint, will be shown in the Radcliffe Centre at 7.30pm. Entry is free.

The project is the brainchild of Graham Roos, the university’s creative artist in residence, and features eight internationally diverse students who have been part of the uni’s poetry group during the last year.

Mr Roos said: “As a fan of poets Simon Armitage and Tony Harrison, I had always wanted to make a poetry documentary and, as I developed the university poetry group, I was delighted to discover eight unique voices, each with their own story, their own rhythm and life.

“We followed the students throughout a year as they began developing their work.

“I encouraged the students to go to London and start performing their work at venues such as the prestigious Home House, whose Poetry Salon is the must-have ticket of each season.

“Each student tells stories about who they are in poetry, filmed against vignettes from their daily life. Some make musical contributions to enhance their performance.

“This film is moving, enlightening funny and sweet. I urge you to come to see it.”

The film will be shown on the national and international festival circuit.