Free zither-playing taster session in Buckingham

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If you want to learn to play an instrument but are not sure which one have a go at playing a zither at a free taster session in Buckingham next Saturday, October 5.

The zither is a stringed instrument commonly found in Slovenia, Austria and Hungary, north-western Croatia, the southern regions of Germany, alpine Europe and east Asia.

The instrument also has a prominent solo in one of Johann Strauss II’s most famous waltzes, Tales from Vienna Woods.

The sound is pleasant to the ear and the instrument is easy to understand.

Pat Evans, pictured, is launching zither playing lessons at The Duke’s Music with people interested in this easy-to-learn instrument invited to come down to the shop between 10am and 3pm, for a 15-minute session.

The minimum age for a lesson is seven. Future lessons cost £5.

For further details, or to book a time, contact Pat Evans on 07817 420307, 01296 720479 or email