Fresh impetus for public toilet plans

Concillor Lisa O'Donoghue campainging for toliets in community centre to be used by pubplic
Concillor Lisa O'Donoghue campainging for toliets in community centre to be used by pubplic

COSTINGS for modern new public toilets are being sought following a unanimous decision by Buckingham Town Council on Monday night.

Councillor Robin Stuchbury proposed the town council should look into creating additional town centre toilets following a large number of complaints over the Moreton Road facilities.

Mr Stuchbury said: “The town clerk will be bringing back a report with costs for the town council to agree at a future meeting.

“Then the town council would be able to make a decision on the total costs before they decide whether to go ahead.”

He added: “There’s only two public toilets for a population close to 14,000 people, as well as the villages on the outskirts.

“All members agreed we need more toilets in the town centre.

“We’ve got a skate park, a busy car park and a public park people use for recreation, so there’s three separate needs.

“If you’re disabled, in town with young children, or you’re a young person using the skate park, you’ve got to walk through the town centre to use the toilet.”

Town councillor Lisa O’Donoghue, who is registed disabled, said: “I don’t use the toilets in Moreton Road because I can’t get to them.

“When I recently went to another market town they had a lovely block of clean toilets in the car park before you get to the shopping centre.

“It’s such a basic requirement.

“Then I come to Buckingham and think, ‘Why no toilets?’

“We have visitors wanting to use shops and we can’t provide a basic requirement, especially if you’ve got children.”

Trisha Lightfoot, a member of Buckingham Traders’ Association, said: “My suggestion would be to open up the toilets in the community centre.

“It’s a quick fix, it’s cost-effective, and it’s where everybody comes into town.”